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Success in itself is a great meaning and noble goal that everyone seeks to achieve in all areas of life, and we are in (SIF) have put success along with creativity and mastery as an ultimate goal and a clear path since the establishment of the company at end of 2013. By the blessing of Allah, and then by making continuous efforts and hardworking and proper planning and ongoing follow up, we were able to achieve an outstanding level of success that promote us to be one of the best factories in the region by innovating creative products, and with a management that seeks to develop medical industries in the Kingdom.


We have always been dedicative to keeping up with the massive and rapid development, which occurs at the economic level in general and on the level of medical industries in particular. This precise follow up gave us the rapid development and excellence in providing products and services with a quality that exceed its counterparts.

Eng. Omar Alshamlan


Saudi Industrial Plastic Products Factory (SIF) was established at the end of 2013, after a study that extended for three years. It is considered the first factory in the Middle East that is concerned about manufacturing medical plastic-based consumables that are used for one time. Since the factory is operating now in its full capacity to reach the best quality standards. Beginning from day one; the Company adhered to the standards of performance and the evaluation of the products through experts and prominent doctors as the product passed by many phases beginning from searching the needs until product testing and probation.

The Factory involves many administrations and facilities including the market study department then the product designing and development department then the quality department passing to the product sterilization division. The factory administration concentrates on the details of managing the building and production lines. Moreover, they are using BMS Systems for managing the building and production lines and sterilizing. In addition, they are operating in integrated security systems that provide safety for the
employees and workers and guarantee the safety of the products.

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